K4Kastellas Team

Natasha and Dimitris are the root and branch of K4Kastellas yoga center. They have put their bright souls and dreams into this project. Their love for big feasts, sharing good times, ideas, dances, and dreams, brought them together and it's the heart of everything they do!

our heart...

Natasha finds inspiration in the simple and elegant aesthetics of the local architecture and has a thing for the K4Kastellas style that feels both cosmopolitan and down-to-earth.
She will take care of every little detail when it comes to welcoming you, so thoughtfully that you’ll feel you’re in the home of a friend.

...and soul

Dimitris love for nature, art and healthy living has been a way of life for him and his family.
After many years of passionate and careful work together with his wife Natasha, they can provide a heavenly made yoga center!
His warm and welcoming culture will make you feel like part of the family right from the start!

our chef

Together with our Chef and her team we have created a menu that’s clearly Mediterranean yet with a modern and an even healthier twist.
Enjoy a cuisine of “emotions” based on traditional Greek flavours — homemade cheese, bread and cakes, herbs and vegetables, all from Kythnos local producers!

our masseur

Vacations in an enchanting Mediterranean island surely evoke a sense of calm and tranquility on their own.
Our friends are welcome to feel the optimal relaxation experience with one of our most exceptional massage therapies. Spoil yourselves in the capable hands of our healers and unwind.

our help

Our charming and always helpfull staff will go out of their way to make sure all the guests are happy.
Right from the morning, they will take care of every little detail, with a warm smile in their face!

our yogis

Together with our reliable yogis we offer you all the zen needed along with the idyllic environment for a dreamlike yoga retreat! After all, a yoga session, gazing the Aegean in the sunset can be a daily ritual of pure joy.
Join us and you will realize that this is the place where yoga finds its pure essence.


take a peek!


Kastellas beach,
Kythnos island,
Cyclades, Greece

Some wild landscapes can be so beautiful that nothing can stop you from getting there.

Four independent villas and two houses each of them gazing the crystal clear waters of Kastellas beach with an open plan outdoor lounge area with an infinity pool.
The whole place feels like it’s been suspended a hundred feet above the crashing waves.


All of your days at the island could easily be spent at Kastellas yoga center, but with such miraculous nature surrounding us, you wouldn't want to waste the chance of exploring it!

natural spa

Kythnos has two really rare thermal springs. One of them, Agii Anargiri, (38C) is diverted into the spa building where people can have a thermal spa in one of the bathtubs and the second one, Kakkavos (52C), is diverted into the sea where a natural "Jacuzzi" has been constructed just next to one of the beaches in Loutra village.
A fish dinner, at the picturesque port of Loutra, to wrap up the day is recommended!

katafiki cave

One of the biggest caves in Cyclades, Katafiki cave, is located in Driopida village, a really beautiful and unspoilt village. A private guided tour in the cave and a guided stroll in the village can be arranged.
A visit to either Chora or Dryopida village will find you meeting & greeting locals who are always keen to treat visitors with a Greek coffee and a piece of local pie!

beach hoping

Kythnos has 92 beaches! Beach hoping is always a fun day to organize! A private boat tour can be arranged to the ones that are not accessible by car.
A boat trip to the famous double beach of Kolona is always a must! If you are in the mood, you can even jump on a sea kayak and go beach hopping.

embrace the pure island life!

Walk on hiking trails with exceptional beauty, take diving or snorkeling lessons, go sailing and canoeing, or visit "Vriokastro" the ancient town of Kythnos.
We can arrange for you to watch a beekeeper make honey, learn to cook local pies, organize a pottery workshop or even learn how to make “pastelia”, one of the Greek traditional sweets.

slice of paradise

At a three minutes walk from the retreat center, Kastellas beach a true slice of paradise can be found. Participants will have the opportunity to literally have a private beach just for themselves!
Feel free to organize some of the yoga sessions or other retreat activities on the beach!

never ending journey

Crystal-clear water, empty beaches, ancient remnants, the islands mystical energy, greek coffee and fresh pie, long walks and the perfect tan, all add up to your true Kythnian experience!

upcoming retreats

K4 Kastellas is the kind of place where yoga finds its pure essence. The calmness and the serenity of the location provides an idyllic environment for yoga and meditation sessions. Yoga in the sunset can be a daily ritual of pure joy. Stay tuned for news on upcoming yoga retreats!


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