spoil yourselves

Vacations in an enchanting Mediterranean island surely evoke a sense of calm and tranquility on their own. Hotel Guests are welcome to add to their experience with an optimal relaxation experience with one of our most exceptional massage therapies. Feel free to spoil yourselves in the capable hands of our healers and unwind.

Guests can spoil themselves with a silk in-room massage in a haven of divine aromas and get a detoxifying facial with natural minerals and pure ingredients.

Lay back and relax in the soft touch of Creative Healing which employs mild massage to loosen up muscles. Olive oil combined with essential oils provides a rejuvenating result. The essential oils will be specifically hand-picked according to your personal needs. This rare technique activates the flow of lymph and blood so that toxins are removed from the body. It can assist in treating cellulite and swells, and improves someone’s general health and mood.

relaxation and revitalization

Thai Yoga Massage guarantees relaxation and revitalization through stretching techniques and deep pressure that will ease muscle tension. Through the duration of the session you will re-learn to breathe deeply along with movement that is reminiscent of dancing. This massage is provided on the floor without the use of oils. Try it, if you long for deep muscle relaxation; an unforgettable experience.

Alternatively, you can always have Reiki.
Most of the time, simplicity provides the best results. Reiki uses only the touch of the healer’s hands to particular parts of the body, using prescribed hand positions. A Japanese practice for those that want to combine relaxation with a holistic approach. It is a chance to recharge your batteries, find tranquility and leave behind the year that passed to start fresh. After your session you will be calmer, brighter and more joyful.

Sessions are held at your place by appointment!