Posted by K4 Kythnos on June 2016

For the walking types, we recommend joining one of the hiking tours that we organise during the summer period and walk on the secret paths of Kythnos passing by old windmills, hidden bays and old castles.


Posted by K4 Kythnos on July 2016

Vacations in an enchanting Mediterranean island surely evoke a sense of calm and tranquility on their own. Hotel Guests are welcome to add to their experience with an optimal relaxation experience with one of our most exceptional massage therapies. Feel free to spoil yourselves in the capable hands of our healers and unwind.


Posted by K4 Kythnos on May 2016

K4 kythnos guests can arrange a diving session at Loutra beach or any other beach and explore one of the most rich sea bottoms of the Cyclades.
Aqua Team is offering high quality services and support to all diving friends. Snorkeling, Diving in to the “Niki” wreck, Scuba Diving with or without prior experience and more!
There are special prices and services for K4 Kythnos guests!!!

Natural Spa

Posted by K4 Kythnos on December 2016

You can visit the thermal waters today located at the area of Loutra. There’s a nice outdoor lake-shape spot where warm springs (app 40C) are flowing into the seawater and you can enjoy a relaxing natural spa on your way back from the beach. For a more intense spa therapy you can also visit one of the 8 indoor baths that are located just across Loutra beach.


Posted by K4 Kythnos on March 2016

Every summer Kythnos has its own festival of cultural events, theatre, music performances, talks and gatherings that take place throughout the summer in various venues and public spaces.

This summer program is soon to be announced.


Posted by K4 Kythnos on April 2016

Kythnos’ unspoiled nature is its biggest highlight. Its natural zen!
You can join boat tours to the famous double-sided beach of Kolona - literally a slice of sandy land surrounded by sea by both sides - or to its little sister Fykiada and the near by beach of Apokrousi.


Posted by K4 Kythnos on April 2016

For the lovers of nature we’d recommend to visit ‘Katafyki’ in Dryopida village, the island’s biggest cave filled with natural stalagmites and stalactites.


Posted by K4 Kythnos on May 2016

One of the most special outdoor venues of Kythnos is the little theatre at Dryopida village. It has an open stage made of wood and ampitheatrical steps with a great olive tree in the middle. Most of the performances of Kythnia festival are taking place there but it is also a very nice spot to stop and wander around or have a sit and listen to the sounds of nature.

The theatre is a bit hidden but just follow the signs that are all around the main square of Dryopida and you’ll find it after a bit of wonder.