How to reach Kythnos

Kythnos can be reached both from Pireaus and from Lavrio port. Journey time is around three hours from Pireaus and one and a half hour from Lavrio.

In the summer there are daily ferries from both ports and a daily connection to Serifos, Sifnos, Kimolos, Milos. Several times a week there is a connection to other islands like Syros, Kea, Mykonos, Paros, Naxos, Folegandros, Sikinos.
Kythnos can also be reached by a helicopter. Kythnos heliport is located near Loutra.

How to reach Kythnos
From the airport to the ports

Lavrio Port with taxi

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Kythnos by taxi-boat from Lavrio or Kea
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kythnos by helicopter

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How to reach K4 Kythnos houses

For S4 Sun, O4 Ocean , H4 Horizon
located in Megali Ammos beach in Kanala Village.

Upon arrival to Merichas port.
1.Turn right after descending from the boat.
2.After 200m take the road to Driopida, Kanala, Agios Dimitrios
3.Follow the road for 5,5 km to Driopida and continue on the same road to Kanala, Agios Dimitrios
4.Take a left to Kanala after 3 km and follow the same road for 4 more km
5.Just before entering Kanala village take a right to Peripheral Road of Megali Ammos.

For S4 Sun procceed 100m until you see the houses with the green shutters.
For O4 Ocean proceed 100 more metres after that until you see the houses with the honey colour shutters.
For H4 Horizon follow the road until it is finished (dead end)

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For K4 Kastellas villas & guesthouses
located in Kastellas beach.

Upon arrival to Merichas port
1.Once you leave the boat, turn right.
2.After 200 meters, follow the road to Dryopida, Kanala, Agios Dimitrios.
3.Follow the road for 5.5 km to Dryopida and continue on the same road to Kanala, Agios Dimitrios.
4.After 3km turn right to Agios Dimitrios and follow the same road for 3 more km.
5.Turn right on the dirt road to Kastella - Mavrianos
6.Follow the signs for K4Kastellas at each intersection

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